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Because of its long and interesting history, diverse and beautiful landscapes, and friendly locals, Jordan is a popular tourist destination.

The following are some industry trends and news in Jordan that may be of interest to travelers:

New hotels:

3 Uplifting Travel Industry Trends and News in Jordan to Watch in 2023
Nomads Petra Hotel

In recent years, Jordan has experienced a boom in the construction of brand-new hotels, offering travelers a diverse selection of accommodations priced to meet various needs and interests. For instance, a number of brand-new five-star hotels have recently opened their doors in Amman, the nation’s capital city. These hotels provide guests with first-rate facilities and services. These hotels typically provide guests access to contemporary amenities such as swimming pools, fitness centers, spas, and upscale dining establishments and bars.

Several new hotels cater to travelers on a budget that has recently opened in well-known tourist locations, such as Petra and Aqaba, providing tourists with more reasonably priced accommodation options. The majority of these hotels have accessible locations near well-known attractions in addition to standard facilities like high-speed Internet access and climate control.


3 Uplifting Travel Industry Trends and News in Jordan to Watch in 2023
Camels Standing in Desert Sand

A never-ending stream of new construction and enhancements is being made to the numerous tourist destinations found in Jordan, which are responsible for drawing tourists from all over the world. For instance, the historic site of Petra, located in Jordan, has recently inaugurated a new visitor center that features a variety of services and conveniences for visitors, such as restrooms, gift shops, and restaurants. The center also provides information regarding the history and significance of the site.

In addition, the visitor center has both interactive exhibitions and multimedia displays, which allow guests to gain a deeper understanding of Petra’s past and culture. Rock climbing, camel rides, and hot air balloon rides are new adventure sports that have recently become available in well-known tourist locations, such as the Wadi Rum desert and the Dead Sea. Other new activities include sandboarding and quad biking. Travelers can enjoy the natural beauty of Jordan in fresh and interesting ways if they participate in any of these activities.


3 Uplifting Travel Industry Trends and News in Jordan to Watch in 2023
Jerash Festival

 Jordan is home to various events and festivals throughout the year that attract travelers from around the world. Some popular events include the Jerash Festival, which features performances by local and international artists, and the Aqaba International Food Festival, which celebrates the diverse culinary traditions of Jordan. Several cultural events, such as the Petra Marathon and the Dead Sea Ultra Marathon, offer travelers the opportunity to participate in unique and exciting activities. These events provide a great opportunity for travelers to experience the culture and traditions of Jordan firsthand and interact with the local community.

Overall, there are always new developments and attractions in Jordan’s travel and tourism industry that can make a trip to this fascinating country even more exciting and memorable. Whether you are interested in luxury hotels, adventure activities, or cultural events, there is something for everyone in Jordan.

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