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Despite its location, Jordan is a Middle Eastern country that is both small and very diversified. It should be no surprise that Jordan has emerged as a tourist destination, given its illustrious past, breathtaking scenery, and warm and welcoming people.

Here are 5 empowering tips for an unforgettable journey to Jordan:
5 Empowering Tips for an Unforgettable Journey to Jordan
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Popular destinations:

It would help if you made a trip to Jordan because it is home to many interesting places. The ancient city of Petra, the Roman city of Jerash, the Dead Sea, and the Wadi Rum desert are some sights you must miss while in the area. It would help if you also thought about going to Amman, the capital city and a lively, modern city with a long history and a wide variety of attractions and activities to choose from.

Local customs and traditions:

5 Empowering Tips for an Unforgettable Journey to Jordan
Traditional bagpipe players, Jerash, Jordan

Because Jordan is a country where Muslims make up the majority of the population, it is essential to respect the local customs and traditions. For instance, you should avoid showing public displays of affection and dress modestly, especially when you are going to be visiting sacred locations. It is regarded impolite to criticise or speak badly of other people. Thus, you should respect local traditions and customs whenever you converse with locals.

Food and drink:

Flat-bread baked pita bread in an open fire oven

You will want to take advantage of the opportunity to sample Jordan’s many delectable dishes and beverages while in the country. Pita bread is typically included with foods like falafel, shawarma, and hummus; all are considered popular choices. You should only leave with sampling some of the regional desserts, such as baklava and halva, which are created with honey and various nuts. Regarding beverages, you should only leave with tasting some regional tea, typically sweetened and flavoured with mint or other herbs.


5 Empowering Tips for an Unforgettable Journey to Jordan
Petra, Jordan

Although Jordan is generally a safe place to visit, it is essential always to be aware of your surroundings and to practise at least the most basic forms of personal protection. You should avoid visiting anywhere near the border with Syria or Iraq because it is considered dangerous due to the continuing wars in those countries. You should also exercise caution when travelling at night and avoid going out alone.


Although Arabic is the national language of Jordan, a significant number of people, particularly those working in the tourism business, are fluent in English. It is likely that you will find it helpful to learn a few basic phrases in Arabic, such as “hello,” “thank you,” and “goodbye,” as this will be appreciated by locals and will help you make your way about the nation. For example, “hello,” “thank you,” and “goodbye.”

Overall, Jordan is a fascinating and welcoming country that offers something for everyone. Its rich history, stunning landscapes, and delicious food make it a destination to be noticed. Jordan has something to offer if you are interested in ancient history, adventure, or simply soaking up the local culture. So, these are the tips and advice you can follow while exploring Jordan and making your trip unforgettable.

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