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You emerge suddenly at the top of a high peak after driving up through rugged desert canyons and the winding mountain roads of the King’s Highway, and you find that the bustling village of Wadi Musa surrounds you. This town has grown up around the booming tourism business of Petra.
Petra was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985. It is located approximately three hours south of Amman and can be reached by car. Not only is it a top travel destination, one of the top ten places to visit in your lifetime, and on the list of the new seven wonders of the world, Petra is surprisingly easy to get to and inexpensive to visit.

Petra is steeped in historical lore, Arabian romanticism, and ancient beauty, and it is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular and unmissable sights in the Middle East. It is also known as the capital city of the Red Rose and was once a prosperous trading center of the Nabatean empire, which ranged from the Euphrates to the Red Sea before the Romans conquered it. Petra is known as the city of the Red Rose.
Petra, a site that spans over 60 kilometers, can initially appear to be an impossible challenge to conquer; nevertheless, if you know a few quick tips and secrets, you’ll find that the exploration is not only simpler than you expected but also entertaining, affordable, and intriguing as well!

Go in the early Spring or late Autumn.

During the summer months, Jordan can reach extremely high temperatures, and Petra’s exposure to the sun can be intense. In winter, Petra’s climate can become cold, wet, windy, and even covered in snow. The seasons of spring and fall, with their nearly ideal temperatures, are when most tourists visit the place.

On the other hand, traveling during these shoulder seasons will allow you to escape the majority of the tourists and maximize your chances of having perfect weather.
If you want to escape the busiest crowds, the ideal time to go is at the beginning of March or the end of November, but if you’re more concerned about the weather, you can go any time between March and May or September November.

Is it expensive to go to Petra?

Jordan remains one of the Middle East’s most reasonably priced vacation spots. You have your Dubai, and Saudi Arabia is also on the upper financial end. Still, Jordan can be done in a private, tailor-made tour such as our Classic Jordan Trip or our 10-day Group tour Jordan: Lost City of Arabia at a price of less than $3,000 per person!

What else is there to see and do?

After exploring the main site of Petra, consider staying an extra day to explore some of the surrounding areas, such as Little Petra, the Petra via the Backdoor trek, and the world’s oldest tavern. Visit Little Petra in the morning to get the day started right. Little Petra is a fantastic way to spend an hour or two in the morning, despite being somewhat less popular than the major Petra site. The highlight is a cave called the Painted Biclinium that is noted for its stunning Nebatean frescoes that were painted within and are still visible to visitors even today!

If you are planning to visit the Ancient City of Petra, consider contacting the staff at a local hotel for assistance with exploring the city and booking accommodations. The staff at a Nomads Hotel Petra can provide valuable information about the best things to see and do in Petra, as well as recommend places to eat and shop. They can also assist with booking a comfortable and affordable stay with us.

In addition to providing information and assistance with booking accommodations, the staff at the Nomads Hotel Petra can also help with arranging transportation to and from the city, as well as organizing tours and activities. This can make it easier for you to fully explore Petra and make the most of your trip.

Overall, contacting the staff at our hotel can be a useful resource for anyone planning to visit the Ancient City of Petra and looking to make the most of their time in the city.

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