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This mental change has contributed to the expansion of the digital nomad lifestyle and has come about as a result of the exponential rise of remote working. Many people have begun to question whether or not they understand what it means to work remotely. Someone who works remotely from various locales while simultaneously exploring the world is called a “digital nomad.” People from all walks of life are fascinated by a certain kind of employment in which they work remotely from locations such as coffee shops, co-working spaces, or libraries using only their equipment and a reliable internet connection.

Young business woman digital nomad freelance blogger outdoors working using computer
People around the world are adopting a nomadic life style that encourages travel and exploration

The desire to see the world is greater than ever, and more people are willing to accept new ways of living. As a result, the rise of digital nomads is the most recent example of how workplace trends are evolving. Even though adjustments to remote working environments have already begun, for example, with Citizen M’s Corporate Subscription and Global Passport, all signs point to the fact that the digital nomad lifestyle is here to stay. If you own a hotel, this trend presents a significant new opportunity for you to capitalize on.

Are you interested in learning how to adapt your hotel to the preferences of non-traditional tourists so that you can better serve this emerging and rapidly expanding market? Please continue reading to learn more about how the following hip hotels set the standard for new guest acquisition by adapting their amenities and services to the needs of digital nomads.

Marvie Hotel, Split Croatia

Hotels for the Digital Nomads
Boats on the dock, Croatia

Who wouldn’t love to take their morning Zoom calls while looking out over the Adriatic Sea’s natural beauty? We are certain that we would!
The Marvie Hotel is a four-star establishment that can be found in the middle of Split. They are making the most of their picturesque position to draw digital nomads from all over the world. Even though, at first glance, The Marvie appears to be a typical leisure hotel, it offers a variety of appealing amenities that are sure to pique the interest of visitors who are engaged in remote work. These amenities include gorgeous ocean-view rooms, co-working spaces with dependable WiFi, a hip gluten-free restaurant, and a wellness center.

KoHub, Thailand

Hotels for the Digital Nomads

KoHub offers comprehensive Internet speed tests and backup generators to accommodate intermittent power outages on the island. The most fundamental office requirements, such as printing and scanning, are taken care of, while graphic artists and start-up companies developing new software can profit from the availability of high-definition monitors for rent. If the heat of the tropics becomes unbearable, there are rooms with air conditioning; otherwise, the “office” is an open-air cottage just a few steps from the beach.

Nomads Hotel Petra, Wadi Musa, Jordan

Hotels for the Digital Nomads

The Nomads Hotel Petra offers comfortable accommodations, a bar, free private parking, a communal lounge, and a patio. It is located in Wadi Musa, less than 1 kilometer from Petra. This resort offers free WiFi throughout the entire building and other amenities, including a front desk that is staffed around the clock and a shared kitchen. There are family rooms available at the hostel.
At the hostel, a wardrobe is provided in every one of the rooms. Every room at the Nomads Hotel Petra has air conditioning and a private bathroom.
Breakfast can be had either in the form of a continental spread or a buffet.

Hotel Zetta, San Francisco, USA

Hotels for the Digital Nomads

The hotel is a front-runner for attracting sophisticated travelers, people interested in culture, and people searching for a pleasant getaway to escape to while working because the rooms are well-built for work and leisure. To attract customers like these, the hotel offers a unique package called “Zetta Zen Work and Play,” which includes everything a customer would require to make their hotel room feel more like a home during their stay. The rooms come fully equipped with a variety of amenities, including workstations that can be personalized, high-speed internet access (of course!), a smart television, virtual reality headsets, a Nintendo game system, an Alexa voice assistant, and an in-room coffee maker. The Zetta Suites also have a dining table with seating for four and a wet bar with a sink, so there is very little reason for leaving your room throughout your stay.

If you are planning to visit the Ancient City of Petra, consider contacting the staff at a local hotel for assistance with exploring the city and booking accommodations. The staff at a Nomads Hotel Petra can provide valuable information about the best things to see and do in Petra, as well as recommend places to eat and shop. They can also assist with booking a comfortable and affordable stay with us.

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